Isaac and Rebecca typical of Christ and his bride.

Isaac & Rebecca

This is the second time the word “loved” is used, in this place it is the first time it is used of the love of a man for his wife.

It was first used when Abraham went to offer Isaac

Gen 22:2 “Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest”

This spoke of a fathers love for his son & in type speaks of Yahweh’s love for his “only begotten son “The Lord Jesus Christ.

Thus when first used it speaks typically of the love of Yahweh for his son & the second time it speaks typically of Christ love for his Bride.

It’s therefore interesting that the first time we see Isaac after his typical sacrifice is when he is introduced to his bride.

So also after Christ’s sacrifice he ascended into heaven to be seen no more until he is married to his Bride.

Also Isaac had only one wife. All the other patriarchs were polygamous, so Isaac and Rebecca therefore are types of Christ & his bride.

Places in this Chapter (zoom in and out to see markers)

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Additional thoughts on the types you mentioned, Abraham would have thought of Issac to be as good as dead for three days : Genesis 22:4

In v.58 of this chapter Rebekah agreed to go to her husband without ever seeing him, Just as we do as the typical bride.


I’m not sure how you get that Matt